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Variety: Carignane, Grenache, and Cabernet Sauvignon

When asked to express his viewpoint on organic winemaking, Evan responds: “A winegrower working incessantly in his/her vines, with a mind focused both on the sky above and the soil below, not just the fruit zone, will naturally come to deeply know their vines and their specific place and inevitably seek to eradicate those things that destroy in favor of choosing to support and encourage life.  It must start with these connections in the vineyard. Wine made by these people, the ones earnestly and honestly seeking to know their farms, in the end will be organic wine to me.”

Boaz is picked from three parcels of the Testa Ranch in Mendocino CA. A full bodied blend of old vine carignan, VERY old vine grenache, and some skillfully grown cabernet sauvignon, this wine manages to remain focused and light on its feet.

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